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Can we have more people on board than what the boat can hold?

NO! Each boat is Coast Guard rated for a certain amount of people AND a certain weight capacity. Neither can go over. For instance, our 8 passenger pontoons have a max weight capacity of 1400 lbs. If you reach 1400 lbs with only 7 of your guests, then the max capacity you can have is 7. If you have 8 people already on board and you are still not at 1400lbs, that does not mean you can have 9. The max is EITHER the max number of people or the max weight, whichever comes first. Please call us if you have concerns about this question as overloading the boat with weight can create a dangerous situation. This includes children. 8 people TOTAL, no exceptions.

Are there bathrooms on board the pontoon?

No. Our pontoons do not have bathrooms on board. There is a bathroom at the marina you can use before, after, or at any point during your reservation. Also, if you go to the restaurant for lunch, you can use their restrooms.

Can we keep the boat overnight?

Unless you are renting the boat for multiple days consecutively you CAN NOT keep the boat past 7pm (Sunset Cruises are due back NO LATER than 830pm). Without proper training and experience, operating any boat in any water at night is dangerous. You can not see the debris in the water, No Wake and Shallow Water Bouys. VRBO rentals that keep our boats at their vacation homes must keep the boat docked between 830pm in the evening to 9am in the morning).

Do you rent any Jet Skis?

NO. We feel strongly against renting jet skis. Without proper experience, jet skis can be extremely dangerous. Jet ski accidents are 3 times more common than any other boating related accident.

Do you provide a driver for the boat?

No, we are not allowed to have any staff on board during your rental time. This is a license and insurance issue. You are renting a ‘bare boat rental’ meaning the boat and all the safety equipment is all that is provided. You are responsible for the boat and everyone on board during your rental. If you or someone in your group is not familiar with boating, then this might not be a good idea.

What are the regulations for life jackets?

First off, anyone 13 years or younger MUST have a US Coast Guard Approved Lift Jacket on at ALL times (boat on or off, moving or stopped, anchored or not). For anyone over the age of 13, your Life Jacket and throw cushion should be readily accessible and you should know where the Life Jackets and throw cushion is located on the boat at all times. We require ANYONE, regardless of age or experience, to wear a Life Jacket at any time while swimming or in the water for any reason.

Is fishing allowed on the pontoons?

YES!  We do not have a live well on the pontoon boats. Lake Wylie is mainly a catch and release fishing area anyhow. Be careful of your tackle as a fishing hook stuck into the seat can create a tear in the seat very quickly and will be considered damage to the vessel.