May 12, 2022

Corp/Team Events – Content

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May 12, 2022

Corporate Events / Team Building Functions / Staff Day Out

If you are in charge of your office or team’s events or social days, this is a unique opportunity that your group will never forget! In a challenging staffing environment, we know how hard it is to retain good quality team members. Treating your staff to functions they will really enjoy is one of the key ways to increase staff moral and staff retention!

Our Corp/Team/Staff days are only available Monday-Friday (Non-Holiday).


1 Pontoon = up to 8 people. COST = $300 (Half Day), $500 (Full Day)
2 Pontoons = up to 16 people. COST = $500 (Half Day), $800 (Full Day)

3 Pontoons = up to 24 people. COST = $750 (Half Day), $1,200 (Full Day)
4 Pontoons = up to 32 people. COST = $1,000 (Half Day), $1,600 (Full Day)
5 Pontoons = up to 40 people. COST = $1,250 (Half Day), $2,000 (Full Day)

*Fuel is always included in the price! You will not be responsible for refueling when your team brings the boats back to the dock!

We are happy to help your event coordinator plan the outing that best serves your needs, including:
Pre-Training of drivers for each pontoon 
Advice on Navigation 
Suggestions on where to anchor 
Proper way to safely tie the pontoons up together 

Papa Doc’s Shore Club is happy to partner with Lake Wylie Boat Rental for corporate and team-building events. We have multiple options for reservations and private events. Whatever the occasion may be, we are happy to host.


NOTE: we do not provide drivers/captains. Each boat will need an experienced boat driver 27 years old or older. 

Drop us a line on our contact form or call us to setup your team’s outing: 704-741-7425.

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