Safe & Human-Contact-Free Boat Rentals
Mar 18, 2020

Safe & Human-Contact-Free Boat Rentals

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Mar 18, 2020

Safe & Human-Contact-Free Boat Rentals

Lake Wylie boat rentalAs with everything we do, safety is our #1 concern! Addressing the Covid-19 virus is no different.

We want all our valued customers to know what we are doing in order for you to continue to enjoy Lake Wylie with your family safely.

*To be clear, we are only renting a pontoon to groups within the same household.*

We have started a human-contact-free way to rent your pontoon!

You can book your rental online and then arrive at the marina, check-in, go through the safety briefing, ask questions remotely, and return the boat all without having to interact directly with our staff.

The CDC has said to avoid contact with others outside of your household but going outside is absolutely safe and even good for lowering stress and increasing your mental health as long as you avoid contact with others outside your household.

SAFETY: All of our pontoons have a max capacity of 10 people. Each pontoon will have disinfectant wipes on board and each pontoon will have all surfaces washed and wiped down AFTER EVERY USE! We have industrial size sprayers and concentrated disinfectant chemicals we are spraying down each vessel and the docks after every use.

HUMAN-CONTACT-FREE PROCESS: After booking your pontoon rental on our website, you will immediately be emailed a detailed outline of where to park and where to go. In the same email you will have links to a few different videos that will introduce you to your pontoon and go over important safety precautions. During this time it is very important to pay attention to your emails.

We will still have staff at the marina available to answer any questions you have either at a distance, or by phone. You will NOT interact directly with anyone.

GET OUT OF THE HOUSE SAFELY: You can’t go to the movies, you can’t go to restaurants and bars, you can’t go shopping and you can’t go to sporting events. You CAN go outside!

We want our customers to know that you do NOT have to be stuck in your living room. You can take your family out on the lake and enjoy some fresh air safely!

Once you’re on the pontoon, there are STRICT RULES you need to follow: here is a great graphic that shows what the guidelines are for safe boating.

For more information or to ask any questions, please call Hunter at 704-516-2674 or email him directly at hunterwilsonclt(at) 


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