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Do you need to get some experience operating a pontoon before you take your family and friends out on the Lake? You’re in luck! We now offer a short 1 – 1.5 hour ‘get to know your boat’ lesson. In this lesson you will learn important techniques of pontoon operation. We cover everything from anchoring to parking!

Each lesson will be taught by a Licensed Captain. This lesson is not to be confused with any boating certification, boating license course, or any other US Coast Guard course. This lesson is to solely introduce you to the pontoon boat you want to rent from our company. It has always been our company’s main goal to make sure safety comes first with every rental we put on Lake Wylie. These lessons are to offer basic boating skills that increase your knowledge and experience with a pontoon boat.

Class schedules will be announced soon.

* All operators have to be 27 years or older, so anyone taking a lesson must also be 27 or older. Taking a lesson does not allow us to rent to anyone under 27 years old.