Jul 23, 2020

What do we do in the event of an afternoon thunderstorm while on the boat?

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Jul 23, 2020

Afternoon thunderstorms are common and just about every day during the high heat of the summer has a coin flip chance of some scattered showers. Knowing what to do and what not to do is important in staying safe.

First, it is highly advisable to ALL our rentals to download the MyRadar app on your phone. It is free. It will give you live data on moving rain/storm clouds.

Second, you need to know that the boat can handle rain and wind. The pontoon will not tip over or sink in heavy rain as the pontoon is made to self bail itself from the rain water. Do not get anxious about the rain.

Third, be aware of where you are located in relation to our marina and how far you are away if there is a chance of an approaching storm. If there is a chance of an approaching storm, its best to hang out near the marina at the suggested swim spots near by.

Lastly, if you see lightning you want to get the boat to any dock or shoreline that isn’t rocky. In the case of lightning you do not want to be in the middle of the lake. Usually, if you are watching the radar on your app, you can get the boat back to the marina before this happens.

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