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Boats for Sale on Lake Wylie

Boats for sale on Lake Wylie

We get asked a lot by customers if we ever sell our rental pontoons. Of course we do! We maintain the newest and most luxurious rental fleet by ‘flipping’ the fleet every other year or so.

Generally speaking, we will sell our pontoons after two years in service (sometimes three, depending on the pontoon). How do we decide when its time to sell a pontoon? We start considering flipping a boat once it has reached 1,000 hrs on the engine.

A 1,000 running hours on an engine might sound like a lot, but let me explain why its not. With outboard marine engines, there are two kinds; ones that are tanks and will run forever, and ones that are complete lemons and give you nothing but problems. If an outboard engine has 1,000 hrs on it and it was owned by a rental fleet since it was new, chances are, that is an extremely well running and well maintained engine. You have NO IDEA what private owners do or don’t do with their engines. However, a rental company’s business depends on the engines being in premium condition all the time. So they take extremely good care of them!

Here is a list of our current boats for sale:

We currently have 6 Veranda pontoons for sale. All have 90hp Yamaha motors and very in hours from very little hours (roughly 80hrs) up to around 600hrs.

All boats can be viewed and water tested by appointment only by calling 704-516-2674. Any viewings and testings must be done around the rental schedule.