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Are dogs allowed on the boat?

Yes, any dog under 25lbs is allowed at an additional charge. Further, the renter agrees that ANY damage due to the dog is the responsibility of the renter to pay for. We are family owned and operated and we have dogs of our own. As we do love animals and our dogs, we also know the possibility of damage from dogs so if you are going to bring them please keep them off the seats.

Do you allow tubing or towing/skiing from the pontoons?

Unfortunately, we do not allow tubing or towing from our luxury pontoon boats. These boats are setup for casual enjoyment on the water, not for active water sports such as skiing, tubing, etc. Also, towing/tubing greatly increases the chances of someone getting hurt on Lake Wylie and we want everyone to be as safe as possible while renting our pontoons.

Is drinking/food allowed on the boat?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a cooler and snacks on the boat. We do not allow any kind of grills on the pontoons. As for alcohol, on Lake Wylie it is legal for people 21 years and older to drink on the boat. However, ONLY beer and wine is allowed on Lake Wylie. NO HARD LIQUOR is allowed on pontoon boats on Lake Wylie. The driver of any boat on Lake Wylie is to be sober at ALL TIMES.

What time in the morning can we pick up our boat?

You can pick up your boat from our dock as early as 9am. Most rentals arrive around 9am-10am to pick up their boats. Our staff will reach out to each renter in the morning of your reservation to see what time your group plans to arrive. We do this to try to time our guests arrival so all reservations do not show up at the same time, causing delays. Remember, you have all day to enjoy your boat but they MUST be returned no later than 7pm. The earlier

How do you handle rain/bad weather?

In the case of bad weather on the day of your rental, we will reschedule your rental date around our availability. We DO NOT reschedule a rental date based on ‘forecasted weather’. EXAMPLE: if it is calling for 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms, you still need to come the day of your rental and then be cleared by us for a reschedule. Too many times the weather is said to be bad and the day turns out to be bright and sunny. Think of it like this, if the weather is calling for 60% chance of rain, that is also 40% chance of a bright and sunny beautiful day!

If you have had the rental out on the lake more than half the day (5 hours or more) and then it starts raining, we will not reschedule another full day. More times than not, the afternoon showers will last 15-30 mins and then blow over and the sun comes back out.

Under any circumstances, ALWAYS return the boat as quickly and safely as possible as soon as you see any lightning.

Do you charge a fuel fee?

No. The pontoons boats are always full of gas when you pick up your pontoon rental. Rarely does a full day rental need more than one full tank of gas. However, in that case, the renter will need to visit one of the on-lake gas stations and put enough gas in the pontoon to return back to the dock. You are not responsible for returning the pontoon full of gas.

Where will we be picking up the pontoon?

We rent our pontoons YEAR AROUND at Riverside Marina: 1500 River Dr. Belmont NC 28012. You will meet one of our staff there at the dock no earlier than 15 mins prior to your reservation. If you arrive too early, our staff might not be there yet.

Is smoking allowed on the pontoons?

NO! Absolutely no smoking is ever permitted on any of our rental pontoons. These are luxury new pontoons and smoking can easily burn holes in the seats. Further, the fuel tanks on pontoon boats are exposed (unlike the tanks in your car) which makes smoking on any boat extremely dangerous. We are ruthless with damage charges if we find burn marks in the seats from smoking. DO NOT SMOKE ON ANY RENTAL BOAT!

Is fishing allowed on the pontoons?

YES! We have added one brand new pontoon boat to our fleet that is setup with fishing seats. We do not have a live well on the pontoon boats. Lake Wylie is mainly a catch and release fishing area anyhow. Be careful of your tackle as a fishing hook stuck into the seat can create a tear in the seat very quickly and will be considered damage to the vessel.

What are the regulations for life jackets?

First off, anyone 13 years or younger MUST have a US Coast Guard Approved Lift Jacket on at ALL times (boat on or off, moving or stopped, anchored or not). For anyone over the age of 13, your Life Jacket and throw cushion should be readily accessible and you should know where the Life Jackets and throw cushion is located on the boat at all times. We require ANYONE, regardless of age or experience, to wear a Life Jacket at any time while swimming or in the water for any reason.

Do you provide a driver for the boat?

No, we are not allowed to have any staff on board during your rental time. This is a license and insurance issue. You are renting a ‘bare boat rental’ meaning the boat and all the safety equipment is all that is provided. You are responsible for the boat and everyone on board during your rental. If you or someone in your group is not familiar with boating, then this might not be a good idea.

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