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Papa Doc’s Shore Club

The most anticipated restaurant to hit Lake Wylie area in some time, Papa Doc’s Shore Club opens this Summer!  The NEW Papa Doc’s Shore Club sits at the center of Lake Wylie in the heart of all the action. It is easy to access with plenty of dock space.

Formerly known as T-Bones on the Lake, and before that the Hungry Fisherman, the location has a long 50 year history of serving the Lake Wylie area.

This week Papa Doc’s invited a select few to come in and try their menu and preview the new renovations. They did not disappoint!

Here is our favorite things coming from Papa Doc’s:

‘Boat to Go’: Boat to Go will be a dock side ‘drive thru’ concept where boaters can call their order in and swing by the dock once it’s ready. This will not be available right when they open but will start by the time the summer is in full swing.

Dock Hands: The docks at T-Bones were always crazy. We have had some of our rental boats bumped into numerous times. Getting in and out of there on a busy Saturday afternoon can be a nightmare! Dock Hands employed by the restaurant to help maintain order on the dock will be a blessing to all boaters AND a huge step in the right direction for safety around a crowded dock.

Open Concept Design: T-Bones was always dark inside. The booths next to windows on the lakeside of the restaurant blocked ALL the natural light from coming into the space. Papa Doc’s has opened all that up and have installed floor to ceiling windows on the lakeside of the restaurant. This was literally the first thing I noticed. It made SUCH a big difference. Now, when you walk in you don’t feel like you are in a dark dungeon during the day. This makes the decision to eat inside rather than on the busy patio during the day not so bad!

The Patio: The patio ‘feels’ bigger. But really it has just been de-cluttered. I was hoping for a revamp of the whole patio but I can imagine doing any structural changes to the patio was prohibited. The patio has a facelift, thats about it. Patio goers will have a good since of nostalgia out there as it will look about the same.

Bars: There are so many bars inside, you can barely keep track of them all. 1 upstairs, 3 downstairs, and the patio bar. Grabbing a drink will not take long! I imagine they won’t have all bars open all the time, but having so many will defiantly help on a busy weekend!

Cleanliness: Obviously T-Bones was nasty after 24 years of half-assed cleaning crews. I solid inch of dust sat on the top of everything. Papa Doc’s is so fresh looking. Every inch of the place has been cleaned up and painted. You won’t feel like you are standing in a restaurant that has served this community for almost 50 years!

The ‘Lounge’: Upstairs, above what I will call the ‘Sailor’s Bar’, is a lounge. Just some nice private seating for grabbing a drink and relaxing without the busy patio bar goers. To me, this could be a nice date night with the significant other. Grab a nice cocktail, sit down at an intimate private lounge, and enjoy the evening. Previously, you wouldn’t dare consider T-Bones a date spot.


Really, there is a ton of things to be excited about. Papa Doc’s has the opportunity to blow the community away with a new level of service on Lake Wylie that no one has every had. As all locals know, T-Bones fell way short on the service. Papa Doc’s will step it up by leaps and bounds! More to come in following days as the Grand Opening will be announced soon.